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自動批改作業, 機器學習, 數據分析


Key features include generation of worksheets customisable based on selected criteria, an extensive Question Bank of over 100,000 ready-to-use questions to combine with your own, auto-grading with marks awarded to completed assignments, instantaneous feedback via voice, video and text as well as hosting of video teaching material. There are also performance progress reports that identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling a personalised lesson planning.



EasyLearn Pte Ltd SmartJen

SmartJen is a unique hybrid of e-assessment and learning management systems that help to streamline educators’ work processes and personalise education based on data and AI-enabled technology. Accentuating the experience of our virtual classroom with video conferencing and interactive whiteboard, we make it possible for educators to provide onsite and offsite teaching seamlessly.

Our adaptive learning technology offers transparency on learning outcomes and enables customisable teaching to best suit each individual learning objectives. It vastly improves educators’ efficiency – from the creation of materials, to the assessment and diagnosis of students’ learning progress and gaps.

Transform yourselves into a Smart classroom with JenAssessment and JenAcademy, digitalise your teaching and enhance the students’ learning experience now.